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Cancellation Policy - The required notice period for cancellation will be specified in your booking. You can cancel at any point before or during your stay. Simply inform us that you wish to leave or not check in. However, you must cover any days that fall within the cancellation period. For example, if you notify us on the 1st, you will need to pay up until the 14th if the cancellation period is 14 days. In our system, you only pay for the nights you stay. If you choose not to stay every night of the week, your payment will be adjusted accordingly. You're only required to cover the costs of the actual nights you stay within the cancellation period.

If you would like to process a cancellation before/during your stay please give us a call/email to let us know of this. The cancellation will be based on your cancellation policy, you can check the length of this under your bookings, however we will remind you of this when you notify us of a cancellation. 

1 - Please contact us to let us know of any cancellations ideally by phone call with the B reference for the booking. We will on the phone go through what the cancellation policy is and where this will take you up to, and if any credit/payment will be due. 

2 - We will then process this for you on our side through our system, once we have done this you will recieve an email for you to confirm a cancellation. Please follow the email through by pressing the 'confirm booking cancellation'. This will take you to your account to log in, once you have done this it will redirect you directly to the cancellation break down. This will show you if you owe any money or if you are due a refund. Please check all this information over and then you need to sign the bottom and click confirm. 

3 - Now it has been confirmed your side any invoices will be created to settle any payments required or for a refund.

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