Who pays ComfyWorkers commission? Is it the host or the guest?

Modified on Fri, 17 Feb 2023 at 04:23 PM

The commission that Comfy Workers takes for all bookings is 12% + VAT. 

It is important that any offer submitted by a host is an all inclusive offer, to include ComfyWorkers commission, any VAT and cleaning schedules. We want to give our clients an offer with no hidden fees. 

The commission is paid by the host. When the host is asked to confirm pricing this will be an all inclusive price including our commission. When hosts enter an offer they will be able to see how much commission will be taken from that booking. The commission Comfy Workers takes for all bookings is 12% + VAT. When Comfy Workers sends a payment to a host, the amount a host receives will be the total of the invoice, less our commission.

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